Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ok I'm retarded.  I can't make any of the tricky tricks that Desiree taught me work.  I'm technologically challenged.  I miss the days of magazines and videos.  But anyway there's a link under this text if you want to see more.  Hopefully I can get Des or Andy to show me those tricky tricks one more time. 

I hope you like it!
See more here!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Devine Inspiration

I should have started blogging forever ago but I gave up after one miserable, laughable attempt. But today I woke up with new vigor determined to give it another try. After hours of pondering what I might say I was still drawing blanks. Then it occurred to me I should maybe talk about my last post witch was just a picture with no further elaboration. I would first like to say thank you to Andy and everyone at Hard Ten for all the work that has gone into building my beautiful site, bbwjezebeljolie.com, you should check it out if you haven't already. It's a really fun site and I've been lucky enough to shoot with lots of great girls including my all time favorite Desiree Devine who is as beautiful and impressive in person as she is in her photos.

I had been approached about 10 years ago by someone wanting to shoot me. I went home and looked at some bbw porn online and decided I did not want to portrayed in that way. All I saw were pictures of really large women most of whom were eating or being fed something greasy and disgusting with downright degrading captions. I did not want to be a part of that. Sometime later it was once again suggested to me that I should be a bbw model so again I checked it. This time it was different.

The first site I saw was that of Ms. Desiree Devine and I was impressed! Finally someone with class and beauty representing the bbw's. I drug my boyfriend out of bed to look at her site telling him how beautiful she was and I wanted to look like that and I wanted to have a site just like hers one day.

Imagine how nervous I was 3 years later getting ready to meet and shoot with my idol for the first time. I slept like, not at all. I was all nerves and jitters, she was a this big star and I was just stupid, nobody me. I prayed I wouldn't be so nervous that I couldn't take a pic or do something stupid like fart during a video or something. I got there prepared to be shocked and awed. Would you believe she's sweet as pie and smart as a whip (she showed me how to attach the links and pics for this blog). The shoot was great, there are lots of great pics and I was only a little bit stupid, turns out the Hitachi isn't meant for internal use, LOL, and it could make me cum. Sorry for the wet spot.

Sadly I spilled a soda on my laptop and can't use all picture and link trickes I learned but you can check out the pic and link in the previous post. OOPS, my bad :-(

Monday, September 19, 2011

Poppin my blog cherry!

Everyone says I have to start blogging.  Uggh... I don't know what to say.  "Just start writing," they say.  So here I am with nothing to say just putting words on a page.  Stuck!!  Umm... well... If you're reading this you probably know me or you wouldn't have found this blog.  But I guess I should introduce myself a little or something.  My name is Jezebel Jolie.  I am an aspiring adult bbw model.  I feel like that pretty much sums it up but I guess I should probably try to elaborate a little.  So what else can I tell you about my little ole self.  I'm 5'5" tall, today I weigh 285.  OMG!  That's up 6 lbs from a couple days ago.  Of course I did just have a huge breakfast so no wonder I feel stuffed.  I have 6 pounds of breakfast sitting in my tummy.  Let's see... what else?  Well, clearly I like to eat.  My favorite thing to eat is chocolate.  I frickin love chocolate.  But I'm trying to cut back.  It's not easy.  You know this seems like a decent start so I'm going to say farewell for now and that way I might have something to say tomorrow.

Lots of Love